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Power Sonicator
Carbon Cloth
Carbon Paper
Carbon Felt
ٰ ݼ
Carbon Powder, Liquid
濭 Sheet
Activated Carbon
 Ȯ强 ݼ
͸ ׽ͱ
Laminate Film
Power Sonicator
     EQCM (PotentioStat + GalvanoStat + QCM + EIS)
EQCM (PotentioStat + GalvanoStat + QCM + EIS)
Single channel model with Potentiostat+QCM+EIS function
Product Descriptions  

PotentioStat + GalvanoStat + EIS 

 Cyclic Voltammetry 
 ChronoAmperometry( Dynamic, Static, Charge/Discharge )
 ChronoPotentiometry( Dynamic, Static, Charge/Discharge )
 Stripping Voltametry
 EIS( Electrochemistry Impedance Spectroscopy )

Quartz Crystal Microbalance( EQCM )

 Quartz Crystal( 9MHz, 6MHz, 5MHz )
 Measurement of fine mass
 Viscosity measurement, Viscoelastic measurement(QCM-D Option)
 ng Unit Mass Measurement
 ALD/MLD Thin Film Thickness In-Situ Measurement

 WizEQCMS-1200 Premium 

- Easy to save data and diverse analysis applications
- Available; Store and manage parameter settings
- Store parameter settings and data simultaneously in an Excel file.