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Power Sonicator
Carbon Cloth
Carbon Paper
Carbon Felt
다공성 금속
Carbon Powder, Liquid
방열 Sheet
Activated Carbon
정밀 확장성 금속
배터리 테스터기
Laminate Film
패턴온도 조절기
Power Sonicator
     Charge&Discharge experiment equipment
Charge&Discharge experiment equipment
Charge&Discharge experiment equipment of constant voltage&resistance way
Product Descriptions  

64 / 128 / 256 Channel 충방전시험기 제작 가능













+  Software: View Panel


The screen allows you to check the live measurement voltage of a total of 512 channels.



For each channel, the measured voltage is displayed on the screen in 1 second increments. (Real-time checkable)






+  Software: Group & Channel Info 


The screen that changes information about group assignment and channels.






+  Software: Channel State   


Status display for each channel



The OnOff list and Dataindex allow you to check the operational status and current status of 200,000 data.







+  Reference Description


① Auto Save feature

-  This feature is stored continuously every 10 seconds.

-  If the program ends suddenly, re-runs will store the data stored so far in each channel folder with the current date and time.


② Cutoff  Storage feature

-  If the Cutoff condition you set is correct, create a .mdb file and save it when turn off.

-  When saved, it is saved in the each channel folder and saved as the current date and time of the end time.

-  The saved .mdb file can be changed to Excel.