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Power Sonicator
Carbon Cloth
Carbon Paper
Carbon Felt
다공성 금속
Carbon Powder, Liquid
방열 Sheet
Activated Carbon
정밀 확장성 금속
배터리 테스터기
Laminate Film
패턴온도 조절기
Power Sonicator
     Discharger(Discharge experiment equipment
Discharger(Discharge experiment equipment
Electrostatic discharge and capacity measurement equipment
Product Descriptions  

64 / 128 / 256 Channel 방전시험기 제작 가능
















+  Software

The screen allows you to check the live measurement voltage of a total of 512 channels.





- Manage channels by group


- Easily operate parameters(Time, Cutoff, etc.) for each channel





- Channel can be expressed as a real-time measurement voltage graph


- Real-time measurement voltage expressed as actual date and time




- Storage feature on each channel


- Save saved files as in time and date of end point