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Power Sonicator
     WaterJacket Electrolytic Cell (Temperature maintenance cell)
WaterJacket Electrolytic Cell (Temperature maintenance cell)
Water Jacket Electrolytic Cell using in electrochemical experiment
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1. Corrosion and Water Jacket Electrolytic Corrosion Cell

(Corrosion experiment, Water Jacket / Electric Water Bath / electric water bath / Corrosion Water Jacket Electrolytic Corrosion Cell)


○ Model : Ordinary-Glass-Round-Corrosion/Water/pipe-05-50








1 - 2.


○ Model : Sealed-Glass-Round-Corrosion/Water/pipe-03-100-package









 1 - 3.


○ Model : Sealed-Glass-Round-Flat/Water-03-50-package













2. H type Water Jacket Spectrum Electrolytic Corrosion  Cell

(H type Water Jacket Spectrum Electrolytic Corrosion Cell)

○ Model : Sealed-Glass-Round-Hclip/Water/Spectrum-03-50














3. H형 Water Jacket Electrolytic Corrosion Cell

(H type Water Jacket Electrolytic Corrosion Cell)

○ Model : Ordinary-Quartz-Square-Hclip/Water-13-100







3 - 2.


○ Model : Sealed-Glass-Round-Hclip/Water/Spectrum-05-50











3 - 3.


○ Model : Sealed-Quartz-Round-Hclip/Water-02-05
















4. Water Jacket 5 Hole Electrolytic Corrosion Cell

Can using in various electrochemical experiment (Ordinary, Sealed Type Cell)

Various cells(WaterJacket, QuartzWindow, etc.) can be created to suit the desired conditions and experimental environment, based on basic cell. (Number of holes can also be adjusted)

Can completely sealed with Black Screw of PTFE lid


○ Model : Sealed-Glass-Round-Water-05-50



(Water Jacket Large Volume Five Hole Electrolytic Corrosion Cell)









5. Water Jacket Spectrum Electrolytic Corrosion Cell 

(Water Jacket Spectrum Electrolytic Corrosion Cell / Water Electrolysis / water electrolysis / Water Electrolysis Cell / water electrolysis cell)


○ Model : Sealed-Glass-Round-Water/Spectrum-00-50








 6. Water Jacket Quartz Electrolytic Cell


○ Model : Sealed-Glass-Round-Water/Gas-05-50