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Power Sonicator
Carbon Cloth
Carbon Paper
Carbon Felt
다공성 금속
Carbon Powder, Liquid
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Activated Carbon
정밀 확장성 금속
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Laminate Film
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Power Sonicator
     Corrosion Electrolytic Cell
Corrosion Electrolytic Cell
Corrosion and Galvanic Cell using in electrochemical experiment
Product Descriptions  

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1. Water Jacket Electrolytic Cell and Galvanic Cell for corrosion experiment

(Corrosion Water Jacket Electrolytic Cell / Corrosion Cell / corrosion cell / Galvanic Cell )

○ Model : Ordinary-Glass-Round-Corrosion/Water/pipe-05-50











 1 - 2.


○ Model : Sealed-Glass-Round-Flat/Water-03-50-package











2. Gas, Vacuum Electrolytic Cell 
( Gas, Vacuum Electrolytic Cell, Spectroelectrochemical Cell / Anaerobic Electrolytic Cell)

○ Model : Ordinary-Glass-V-Anaerobic/pipe-05-15-package