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Power Sonicator
Carbon Cloth
Carbon Paper
Carbon Felt
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Carbon Powder, Liquid
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Laminate Film
Power Sonicator
Can measure the change in fine mass due to frequency change
Product Descriptions  

Quartz Crystal Microbalance( QCM )

 Quartz Crystal( 9MHz, 6MHz, 5MHz )
 Measurement of fine mass
 Viscosity measurement, Viscoelastic measurement
 ng Unit Mass Measurement
 ALD/MLD Thin Film Thickness In-Situ Measurement

























Natural Frequency appears by Piezoelectric of Quartz Crystal

1. If apply potential to quartz crystals, Mechanical vibrations are generated in the transverse direction and the potential occurs again. As a result, have electrical elements such as R, L, and C.




2. Frequency of  mechanical vibrations generated by cross is altered by the substance absorbed into the Quartz Crystal surface.






3. Mechanical Models of Quartz Crystal





4. Because of these characteristics,Quartz Crystal can experiment as an electrical device.
















- Easy to save data and diverse analysis applications
- Available; Store and manage parameter settings
- Store parameter settings and data simultaneously in an Excel file.