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Power Sonicator
Carbon Cloth
Carbon Paper
Carbon Felt
ٰ ݼ
Carbon Powder, Liquid
濭 Sheet
Activated Carbon
 Ȯ强 ݼ
͸ ׽ͱ
Laminate Film
Power Sonicator
     ALD Sensor, MLD Sensor(MLD , ALD)
ALD Sensor, MLD Sensor(MLD , ALD)
Automic Layer Deposition, Molecular Layer Deposition optimal sensor
Product Descriptions  

Real Time ALD/MLD Sensor System ( QCM )

ALD/MLD sensor system (only QCM)

Products optimum designed to measure the mass change of the ALD/MLD 

QCM based real-time mass change monitoring system

Good reproducibility in also long-term data measurement

Measuring Interface and Synchronization with Deposition Controller


Design of deposition controller according to order specification





















+  Deposition process


In-Situ Motoring System