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Power Sonicator
Carbon Cloth
Carbon Paper
Carbon Felt
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Carbon Powder, Liquid
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Activated Carbon
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Laminate Film
Power Sonicator
     PotentioStat/GalvanoStat 2A
PotentioStat/GalvanoStat 2A
Single channel model of PotentioStat and GalvanoStat
Product Descriptions  

Potentiostat + Galvanostat 

(Single Channel Electrochemical Measuring Equipment, Single Channel Potentiostat, OneChannel Potentiostat)












































           Application and handling item           


• Cyclic Voltametry( Staircase Voltammetry,  Square Wave Voltammetry, Large Amplitude Sinusoidal Voltametry,  AC Voltammetry ) 

• EIS(PotentioStatic EIS (GEIS), Galvanostatic EIS (GEIS), Stair Case PotentioStatic EIS (SCPEIS) )

• Chrono Potentiometry(Charge and Discharge , Constant Current, Constant Voltage  )

• Chrono Amperometry( Differential Pulse Voltammetry (DPV), Normal Pulse Voltammetry (NPV) )

• Stripping Voltametry( Staircase Stripping,  Square Wave Stripping )

• Fuel Cell

• DSA Electrode Life Test( Cyclic Voltammetry, Constant CP, Constant CA )

• DSA Electrode Efficiency Accuracy ( Cyclic Voltammetry, Potentiostatic EIS, Galvanostatic EIS )

• Battery Test(Battery Charge and Discharge , Constant Current, Constant Voltage )

• Supercapacitor( Galvanostatic Charge Discharge, Constant Current, Constant Voltage )

• Electrochemical Electrode(Reference Electrode, Ag/AgCl, Calomel, SCE )

• Electrochemical Electrode(Counter Electrode, Pt, Ag, Au)

• Electrochemical Electrode(Working Electrode, Carbon, Au, Ag, Pt )

• Electrochemical Cell ( 3 Holes, 4Holes, 5Holes, Corrosion cell, Spectrum cell, Water Bath )

  Electrochemical Experimental Aticles( Polishing Kit, Pt Wire, Carbon )

  Electrochemical Laboratory Equipment