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  Understanding and Application of QCM ( ng unit Mass measurements, viscosity, .....

Understanding and Application of QCM Principles

(Principle of measuring mass, elasticity, viscosity and density)

ALD(Atomic Layer Deposition) Sensor

MLD(Molecular Layer Deposition) Sensor

It is the same principle also Thickness Monitor etc.

Inter-tie connect between Mechanical and Electrical vibration using Piezoelectric Effect

Natural Frequency appears by Piezoelectric of Quartz Crystal


- ① If apply potential to quartz crystals, Mechanical vibrations are generated in the cross direction →  Mechanical vibrations occur the Potential again. → As a result, have electrical elements such as R, L, and C.



- ② Frequency of mechanical vibrations generated by cross is altered by the substance absorbed into the Quartz Crystal surface.



- ③ Mechanical Models of Quartz Crystal


- It has been verified that Quartz Crystal can be treated as an electrical device like ④ by analyzing the characteristics of ①, ② and ③.


Variation of changes according to mechanical vibration frequency conditions of Quartz Crystal

Quartz Crystal is varying mechanical vibration frequencies(being vibration as cross direction) under different conditions as shown below.


Measurement Elements

• CV, CA, CP, SV, LSV Electrochemical Analysis

• Measurement of the mass change in ng

• Viscosity measurement

• Real-time monitoring of electrochemical plating thickness

• Real-time monitoring of electrochemical plating mass

• Viscoelastic analysis

• Thin film fluid analysis

• Measuring the dynamic characteristics of thin films

• Gas analysis

• Analyze density changes

• Measure the gellification reaction

Characteristics Graph of depend on condition of mechanical vibration frequency of Quartz Crystal.


Oscilator( A frequency generator )


QCM = Oscilator ( A frequency generator ) + QC( Phase Locked Loop )


Changes in material movement and frequency

- Adjust the RL value to run deposition when it reaches the resonant frequency domain as R, L, and C values of QC.

And measure the movement of a substance by observing its frequency changes.


Induce formula of calculation of the mass change as frequency changes ( Sauerbrey )






Formula theorem ( Sauerbrey )