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     Quartz Crystal Oscilator
  Quartz Crystal Oscilator

Understanding QCM-Quartz Crystal Oscilator (Principle of QCM)

Now let's investigate about the Quartz Crystal. 
Let's learn principle of used for Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM).
Why does the QCM use Quartz Crystal? Why are they using Quartz Crystal instead of L (inductor), C (capacitor) and R (resistance)? The reason is that the Quart Crystal is R, L and C. The electronic interpretation of Quartz Crystal is because it is made up of R, L, and C components.
Quartz Crystal is used as a resonance device for the oscillator.
This Quartz Crystal has unique R, L and C values that determine the output frequency of the oscillator

As shown in the figure below, frequency oscillator circuit using Quartz Crystal is constructed.
This is a oscillator that outputs a unique frequency of vibration determined by the R, L and C values of Quartz Crystal.

Now let's talk about the QCM in earnest. 
So how do you weigh it with this Quartz Crystal? The principle is simple;
It can be easy to guess that the Quartz Crystal's R, L and C values will change once the material is attached to the Quartz Crystal. 
This change in values of R, L, and C will change the resonant frequency (output frequency) value.
Therefore, we can know weight of the material through it.