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     CP (Chrono Potentiometry)
  CP (ChronoPotentiometry) Analysis Method

* CP (ChronoPotentiometry)

The most typical method for the analysis using a constant current (GalvanoStat Mode) is to measure the voltage while applying a constant current and to use the principle of changing the voltage when the resistance of the sample changes in order to maintain the constant current.
That is, it is a principle to observe the resistance change of the sample by observing the galvanostat which changes to maintain the set constant current.

It is a form of electrical analysis that measures the rate of change of potential at the electrode with a constant current.
This is an analytical method in which the electrolytic solution is kept stationary and a constant current is flowed between the indicating electrode and the auxiliary electrode to track the visual change of the indicating electrode potential.

This is the most basic constant current experiment, and the current step is applied to the electrochemical cell.

* WizECM-1200Premium

Dynamic Mode

Block diagram (constant potential circuit)




Static Mode

Block diagram (constant current circuit)



Charge/Discharge Parameter

* When a capacitor (C) exists in a two-electrode system

CP graph [ Voltage VS Time ]

[ When the X axis is expressed in time, charge / discharge by constant current => voltage change ]

The constant current is applied and the flow of the voltage is observed. The higher the voltage is, the better the capacitance of the capacitor is. Also, if the graph of the voltage shows the same size repeatedly, it can be said that the capacitor has good reproducibility.

[ When the X axis is expressed in time, charge / discharge by constant current => voltage change ]

* The following is a schematic of the CV graph for the three-electrode system using WizMAC WizECM-1200Premium measuring equipment. 


[ When the X-axis is expressed in time, Ion concentration change by constant current => Voltage change ]

It is a CP graph type in which the potential difference is measured by giving a constant current, and repeats the form of increasing and decreasing.
This is the result of a three-electrode system test. Ag / AgCl was used as a reference electrode and KNO3 was used as an electrolyte.
A pt electrode was used as a counter electrode, and a carbon electrode was used as a working electrode.
K2 [Fe (CN) 6] was used in the experiment.


CP, CV Another CA PA SV LSV These are also, the values to be specified when measuring are different from each other.